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Guru Harkrishan public school, khandwa road, Indore was set up in 1981 in the memory of the eighth Guru, the great Indian teacher Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahebji.

The school has a very meaningful motto as “Vidya Vichari Taa Parupkari” i.e. He is learned indeed who does good to others”

The school is affiliated to CBSE Delhi. It is a co-education day boarders school managed by voluntary Non political, Non Profit Organization Indo Friends Foundation. It is supported and guided by various international organizations and individuals of high repute who are devoted determined and dedicated to provide value oriented education irrespective of class, creed, caste and religion.

The School stands opus magnus in a non-polluted atmosphere, beyond the city reaches, no industry and in the educational belt of the city. It occupies 10 acres of land. The school is situated in open fields, covered with lush green trees and has a majestic building with airy class rooms, well equipped labs and excellent and well furnished library etc.

GHPS has high academic records and at the same time provide the best to its pupils for all round personality development. It imparts quality education emphasizing on physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of the students.

Guru Harkrishan Public School Indore is a substantial brick building dating from 1981 in the memory of the Eight Guru of Sikhs, Guru Harkrishan Sahebji. The main philosophy of the school is to prepare children in such a way that they should achieve distinction in all fields of life. Thus GHPS provides quality education to infuse lofty ideals of Indian cultural heritage with deep sense of patriotism. Students are prepared to inculcate a balanced personality to face the rapid changes of the modernizations with the stability of an omnipotent soul force. The lives and worthy teachings of the Sikh Gurus are remarkable for human beings, the feelings of brotherhood and their message are an excellent medium for us to face the challenges.

It is our firm belief that a stimulating environment will help to inspire positive attitudes to the school clean, bright and attractive.

Children are taught to tread on a proper direction to achieve their clear goals.

The roots of religious belief are very deep and childhood is the age to inculcate the practice of faith. It is an access to one’s inner self and mind. The moral and ethic values are the integral part of the school curriculum.

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